Essenza Restaurant

Umbrian Tradition and Modern Passion

An evocative setting for your romantic dinner

The restaurant is located in San Giovanni, and it’s easily recognisable thanks to the fascinating glass wall that allow the sitting room to be radiated by the sunlight during the day and to enjoy a beautiful sunset in the evening.

Your gaze will get lost between the sweet Umbrian Hills, between the mountain elevations and the towers of the nearby towns, to the Val Di Chiana in the background. The restaurant terrace brings out it’s best during summer evenings between the sound of crickets and the embrace of Scirocco.

Traditional dishes

Our Chef Federico propose a local cuisine, searching for the authentic taste in the story and in the tradition of the Umbrian dishes, both noble and popular proposing them in an “essential” way, enhancing the quality of the raw material with exaltations of flavours,

the use of herbs and aromas that end in never banal combinations, respectful of the recipe, of ample substance, excellent taste and fascinating at a glance. The menu follows the seasons and the production of the garden, with dedication and respect.

Raw materials

Our restaurant Essenza focus on using the highest quality of raw materials, using mainly the products, grown and made in our farm ( extra virgin Oil Bio, Vegetables, Eggs, Honey, Saffron).

The rest of the products come from the neighbourhood, from small producers hands wise and wise skills. It’s the authentic flavour that led us to them, it’s their passion that has won us over.

Gastronomic Experience

The gastronomic experience is in the hands of our maître and the staff, ready to welcome you and to show you the “desinare e bibere” in all calm, proposing a selection of labels mainly of the territory but also national excellence, to match the courses.

The lounge bar, located on the first floor, is the perfect place to let you conquer from spirits and liqueurs in the lounge with fireplace, or to relax holding a cocktail, fascinated by the view that you can admire from the terrace, letting every thought fly away.


Our menu is always seasonal and includes the specialties of our region customized by our Chef, favoring the products from our farm and the surrounding area.

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